Every Day, Peace First is telling young people across the world they can make a difference. In more than 90 countries, young peacemakers are creating change in their communities.

Here's Mary-Pat's story:

"I was going to more funerals than graduations."

Gun violence in her Atlanta community drove 15-year-old Mary-Pat to action. She had a powerful idea: the Think Twice Campaign, a “city-wide shock-ad campaign to end gun violence.”


"Why not me? Why can't I make a difference?"

Mary-Pat tirelessly sought funding, but people didn’t take her ideas seriously because of her age. Then she applied for the Peace First Prize--becoming one of the ten original awardees!



"Violence decreased in the zones with our billboards."

The funding made all the difference. “Peace First actually supported me by giving me the money and helping me get the billboards up. It became a conversation in Atlanta.”



"I learned that I could change the world."

Mary-Pat has become a Peace First Fellow, and, with our support, has dialogued with former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, organized for #BlackLivesMatter, and run for local office.



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